Ayo Indonesia: Taking Indonesia Onward

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Some thirty years ago, as Indonesia’s development and economic growth was consolidating and becoming more established, a company in Indonesia was founded by businessman S.D. Darmono.

Called Jababeka, the company — which is today a well-established company — was started at Cikarang, a large area near the national capital Jakarta. The area developed steadily with the establishment of roads, utilities, wastewater treatment and electricity. Its industrial estate successfully attracted companies, and a university, President University, was set up in 2001. Facilities for film-making and the foundation of a medical centre were established. Leisure facilities were also created, including an international-class golf course and a football stadium, which was used when Indonesia hosted the 2018 Asian Games.

Despite challenges faced along the way, including the financial crisis of the late 1990s, the company, and the country, continued to grow.

This book covers the growth of Jababeka and its projects and interests, and those of S.D. Darmono, including sustainable urban development in Indonesia, tourism, the revitalisation of the Old Town area of Jakarta, and the fascinating and important upgrading of the beautiful and unique world heritage structures of the Borobudur Temple and the Prambanan Hindu temple, both in Java.

AUTHOR| Scott Younger and Agus Canny

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