[Hard Cover] The Red String (English Version)

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Unravel the beauty of choices with "The Red String", a captivating picture book presented by The National Kidney Foundation, featuring the inimitable illustrations of Ah Guo 阿果, along with writer Perry Ho. The story narrates the delightful adventure of a boy as he navigates life’s choices, symbolised by the red string that represents our interconnected existence.

Through this heartwarming tale of love, hope, and self-discovery, young readers are encouraged to recognise the impact of the choices today that may shape their tomorrows. This initiative subtly aims to heighten awareness of kidney health, weaving a tale that explores diverse perspectives and fosters new connections.

"Planting the seeds of kidney disease prevention in the minds of the young is the key to cultivating a healthier future. By instilling awareness and healthy habits early on, we empower the next generation to make informed choices, fostering a foundation of well-being that reaches far beyond themselves. Investing in the health education of our youth is an investment in a future where kidney disease is not just treated but prevented, paving the way for a generation that values and prioritizes lifelong well-being." Said Tim Oei, Chief Executive Officer, NKF.

There is a pressing need for our next generations to be aware of the choices they make. With its simple yet profound messaging, "The Red String" hopes to captivate and capture the imagination of young readers, and spur them on their own journeys of well-being and discovery.

Author | Ah Guo & Perry Ho


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215mm x 215mm (Square)
28 pages
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March 2024
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