What's Inside the Red Box?

Straits Times Press

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This is a story about a box that holds big dreams for a little country.

There is a man whose red box is always by his side. What’s inside the red box? Three children are determined to find out. Little could they have imagined what’s inside it!

This book is inspired by Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his red box, which he used while he was in political office. It contained his work – papers, speech drafts, letters, readings, notes and cassette tapes with his recorded instructions.

Today, the red box has become a symbol of his unwavering passion for and dedication to Singapore.

What’s Inside The Red Box? gives children a peek into the big dreams Mr Lee had for the nation.

Author & Illustrator: PHUA San San 
Phua San San is the writer and illustrator of this book. She is an avid dreamer whose day job is in corporate communications. San San illustrated I Don’t Want Mei Mei Anymore! – a children’s picture book also published by Straits Times Press that was a winner of the First Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing Initiative, and a finalist of the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award. 







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November 2015


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