Delicious Heirlooms 1 & 2 Bundle Set

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A chance to get two detailed, insightful and engagingly-written books exploring and honouring Singapore’s culinary heroes in one purchase:

• Delicious Heirlooms: Stories behind Singapore’s oldest family-run restaurants
• Delicious Heirlooms 2: Our hawkers, our heritage heroes

In the first book, Delicious Heirlooms: Stories behind Singapore’s oldest family-run restaurants, published in 2019, the author, a lawyer, spoke with the families running 10 well-known and old restaurants in Singapore. She captures the histories, heartbreak
and hard work behind the founding and continued survival of these restaurants.

The 10 restaurants are:
Fatty Weng • Guan Hoe Soon • Huat Kee • Islamic Restaurant • Ka-Soh
(Swee Kee) • Ming Chung Restaurant • Muthu’s Curry • Sabar Menanti
• Samy’s Curry • Spring Court

For the second book, Delicious Heirlooms 2: Our hawkers, our heritage heroes, the author turned her focus to hawkers and has featured 10 stalls. As with the first book, she conducted interviews with the families to extract and record amazing stories and anecdotes of their lives, their grit and their resilience.

The 10 hawker stalls are:
115 Desserts (Xiong Ji) • Che Rose Nasi Padang • Haji M. Abdul Rajak Soup Kambing • Inspirasi (Mee Rebus) • Ming Fa Fishball Noodles • Rolina Curry Puffs • Tan’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake • The Old Stall Hokkien Street Famous Hokkien Prawn Mee • U Hakka Niang Dou Fu (Lao Huang) • Yu Kee Duck Rice (Yew Kee Duck Rice)

Both titles are full of photos and are invaluable additions to the historical record of Singapore’s food scene. They also offer a unique view of Singapore’s development and modernisation through the eyes of these early immigrants, their children and their grandchildren.

Both books were supported by the National Heritage Board’s Heritage Participation Grant.

AUTHOR | Ow Kim Kit

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