The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook

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In 2017, which supermarket filed a police report over rumours that its rice was made of plastic?
Which was the first country to shut down its FM radio network in favour of digital radio?
Who topped Forbes magazine’s 2017 list of the world’s billionaires?
When will commuters in Singapore be able to travel on driverless public buses?

These questions and more lie in wait for quiz gameshow fans and news junkies in The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook. The handy travel-sized book lets readers test their knowledge of Singapore and the world with a year’s worth of trivia straight from the headlines: 365 questions or a question a day.

The devious multiplechoice questions are based on current affairs covered by the 300-strong The Straits Times newsroom, with a handy appendix of article references included.

From movie stars to the South China Sea, local authors to global sporting events, The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook is a grabbag of fun facts and trivia for readers of all ages and interests.







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