Cathy & Jodie: The Princess and the Flea

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Welcome to the wacky world of two completely-opposite-to-each-other girl friends, as they tackle a universal phenomenon: Growing Up. Cathy & Jodie is a no-holds-barred chronicle of their teenage years: their first meeting, their ups and downs, their thoughts and feelings on whatever takes their fancy - or not!

Enter their minds as they take turns to ponder - as girls and as women - about boys (an obsession with a handsome stranger), clothes (a manic hunt for an ordinary skirt, an intense attachment to lingerie), an food (imaging how their friends would taste as a dish).

And if you were also an '80s teen, this book will dredge up memories you didn't know you still had. Texas Fried Chicken, Printemps, Solid Gold? With razor-sharp observations and hilarious anecdotes - and a healthy dose of sensitivity and wicked irreverence - Cathy & Josie will make you wonder why we all have to turn into adults.

Author: Kit Chan And Yong Siew Fern







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140mm x 215mm


192 pages

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Aug 2006