Emma and the Eurasian Potluck

Straits Times Press

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Emma is writing in her diary on 25 December 1963, after her family’s
yearly midnight Christmas party. She recounts how she and her sisters
went to Tekka Market with their mother to buy ingredients for Eurasian
pie, how they made pineapple tarts on the charcoal oven, and she
mentions the other dishes at the party such as prawn bostada and devil

Young readers will be amused by the lively tone of the diary – written
just as a little girl might – and enthralled by the glimpse into the past and
seeing how food was cooked before the days of widespread electricity.

About the series
This is one of five titles in an illustrated heritage cookbook series that
aims to inspire children to discover more about the traditional dishes of
the various ethnic groups in Singapore, through imaginative storylines
involving kids learning about food and cooking for themselves.

AUTHOR | Debra Ann Francisco

ILLUSTRATOR | Madeline Wee

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250mm x 250mm
36 pages
Published Date (Month, Year)
August 2018
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