Fistful of Colours

Straits Times Press

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Fistful of Colours is an elegant, multi-layered reflection on Singapore
as experienced through one day in the life of Suwen, a young teacher
in search of her identity as a woman and an artist. Peering into the rich
history of her stepfather’s family, Suwen uncovers and reveals the hopes
and struggles of Singapore’s first generation of immigrants and residents
– from Chinese collies, Indian doctors, and Malay waiters, each is given
a unique and vibrant voice. Woven into this narrative are stories of Suwen’s
fellow artists that touch upon themes of art, identity and the pursuit of
personal and artistic freedom. It is their search for answers that give this
lyrical, beautifully considered and well-loved book its restive spirit.

AUTHOR | Suchen Christine Lim

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130 mm x 196 mm
332 pages
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April 2017
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