Moving Towards A Brighter Tomorrow

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Moving Towards A Brighter Tomorrow: The essential resource for people with Parkinson disease and their caregivers provides comprehensive and current information on Parkinson disease and the effective ways in which people with Parkinson and their caregivers can cope with the challenges of this condition.

This latest edition features new chapters on Parkinson disease and its management strategies, while providing tips on improving balance and preventing falls, and techniques to keep the mind active. It also includes useful information on self-care for caregivers and presents the latest research findings on potential new treatments.

This book contains:

  • Contributions from over 20 multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals reviewed and edited by Dr Louis Tan, Senior Consultant Neurologist at the National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore.
  • Advice on various aspects of Parkinson disease – from its diagnosis and clinical course, to its symptoms and coping methods.
  • Tips on managing daily activities and communication, addressing swallowing and nutrition matters, as well as seeking social support and community resources.
  • A comprehensive summary at the end of each chapter.
  • Clear step-by-step instructions with complementary photographs on physical exercises, strategies to adopt after a fall, ways to overcome freezing, and many more.
  • Helpful resources for readers’ easy reference.

AUTHORS | Louis Tan, Dr. (Ed)

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April 2015