Only A Sandpiper

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Only A Sandpiper: Appreciating Classical Chinese Poetry brushes off the cobwebs from the poetry of ancient China. Savour the works of legendary greats with renowned author and columnist Li Lienfung, as she explains the tricks and traps of writing traditional Chinese poetry through original and translated examples of shi, ci, and dui lian, complete with hanyu pinyin (romanised pronunciation). Gain insight into the life and times of masters like Du Fu and Su Dongpo, Li Bai and Li Shangyin. Playing with words never seemed easier.

Only A Sandpiper contains more than 40 traditional Chinese poems by more than 10 poets. For centuries the feeling of the poets, together with their thoughts, tales and wishes, were passed on by word of mouth all over China. In this long-awaited book, author Li Lienfung passes on her accumulated knowledge in her own words. She shows us that the Chinese language itself is an art, and that the art of traditional Chinese poetry is to put your feelings, your life, your everything so sparingly and subtly into certain time-honoured forms, that people who read them hundreds of years later will still understand you and relate to your sentiments.

Join Li Lienfung as she teaches us to appreciate traditional Chinese poetry. Together with her, read about the life and feelings, the love, sorrow, sadness and bitterness of the poets.

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