Organ Gold

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Racy, pacy and packed with near-death experiences, drama, mounting hospital bills, desperate family members, suspicious characters and mysterious human organ traders, Organ Gold is a medical-themed thriller set in Singapore that looks at the darker side of organ donors and the booming black market in human organs. The book includes a 7,500-word epilogue examining the arguments and
issues about organ donation and organ trading.

AUTHOR | Raju Chellam is the Vice-President of New Technologies for Fusionex International, an IT software group that specialises in analytics and big data. Former IT Editor of The Business Times, he was also previously Head of Big Data & Cloud Practice for Dell South Asia region, and Managing Director of a management advisory firm that helped companies navigate new technologies. He has been in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry for more than 35 years.






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August 2018


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