Singapore Chronicles: Chinese

Straits Times Press

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Historically, Singapore has been home to a myriad of people of Chinese
descent, including those whose ancestors migrated from China many
generations ago, as well as recent immigrants who have taken up permanent
residence or citizenship. This book provides an overview of the Chinese in
multi-ethnic Singapore, from sojourners to settlers in the pre-colonial Malay
world and from colonial subjects to citizens in a new nation. There is no other
country where Chinese form the majority of the citizenry outside of Chinese
territories. In critically examining the implications of their majority status, the
authors suggest that “Chineseness” has always been diversely manifested
and today’s Chinese-Singaporeans must continue to grapple with what it
means to share in the vision and the work of creating a unique and enduring
multicultural nation.

AUTHORS | Professor Kwok Kian-Woon and Dr Teng Siao See

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