Singapore Chronicles - Colonial Singapore

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Singapore Chronicles is a series launched in conjunction with the Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, This 50-volume series seeks to record, explain and offer insights into what makes Singapore, Singapore, by providing analysis as well as historical accounts on a variety of uniquely Singaporean topics.

'Singapore Chronicles - Colonial Singapore' is a history of Singapore from the founding of a settlement by Raffles in 1819, to the post-imperial phase inaugurated by World War II and the Japanese invasion. It shows how colonial Singapore matured as an economy and developed as a society even as it grew into a commercial centre that was also a centre for the movement of people and ideas. The book captures the essence of the island-city’s place in the Asian economic and political scheme of things as European imperialism reached its zenith before giving way to Japan’s military advance. The fall of Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942 embodied the new times. The return of the British after the Japanese defeat in 1945 set the stage for a fresh phase of Singapore’s political development as the anti-colonial movement grew in strength.








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