Singapore Chronicles - Gateways

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Singapore Chronicles is a series launched in conjunction with the Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, This 50-volume series seeks to record, explain and offer insights into what makes Singapore, Singapore, by providing analysis as well as historical accounts on a variety of uniquely Singaporean topics.

'Singapore Chronicles - Gateways' examines how Singapore needs to raise the bar to remain a strategic gateway to the region and the rest of the world.Singapore has leveraged on its strategic location and open economy to become a global maritime and logistics centre. In particular, the port has grown from being just a terminal for ships to berth in, to hosting a maritime industry. On the aviation front, Singapore has moved from a mere airfield in Kallang to Changi Airport, among the best in the world and connected to more than 200 cities. There is also a vibrant aerospace industry. However, intense challenges lie ahead, requiring Singapore to remain economically sharp. 

AUTHORS:  David HO Kim Him, Dr.
                     HO Mun Wai, Dr.







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December 2016


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