Singapore Chronicles - Transport

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Singapore Chronicles is a series launched in conjunction with the Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, This 50-volume series seeks to record, explain and offer insights into what makes Singapore, Singapore, by providing analysis as well as historical accounts on a variety of uniquely Singaporean topics.

'Singapore Chronicles - Transport' traces the development of Singapore’s land transport system since its modern founding in 1819. Until Independence in 1965, the provision of roads, traffic devices, and private, public and non-motorised transport were permitted to develop without any masterplanning. It was not until a sound and workable transport strategy was formulated in the early 1970s and implemented rigorously, that there was a marked improvement in the provision of transport services. Besides the tested methods of building roads, and implementing better traffic management and improved bus and rail services, Singapore is a pioneer in road congestion pricing. The safe and efficient movement of people and goods will always remain a top priority. 

AUTHOR: A. P. Gopinath MENON







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December 2016


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