Sport in Singapore: The Colonial Legacy

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This book is a detailed and comprehensive exploration of the
development of sport in Singapore in the colonial period, from the
early 19th century up until self-government was established in 1959.

Written by sports lover and academic Dr Nick Aplin — a senior lecturer
at Nanyang Technological University’s Department of Physical Education
& Sports Science and also the author of several sports books including
being lead author of Singapore Olympians: The complete who’s who,
1936–2004, published in 2005 — Sport in Singapore delves into the
introduction and growth of the culture of sport in Singapore. More
than 20 sports, including football, golf, badminton, netball, polo, and
swimming, are examined, with each sport covered in its own chapter.

The book also examines other aspects of sport such as the role of clubs
and associations in early Singapore, the different communities, the
need for space, access to sport for women, how sport survived during
the Japanese Occupation, restoring sporting traditions after the war, and
working towards achievement in international sport and the Olympics.

Most importantly, the book highlights the very human stories behind
sport in Singapore — the struggles and achievements of Singapore’s
early sportsmen and sportswomen, including well-known names
like Wong Peng Soon in badminton, Alice Pennefather who excelled
in badminton, tennis and hockey, and weightlifter Tan Howe Liang,
winner of Singapore’s first Olympic medal.

Sport in Singapore is rich with archive photos from past athletes, the
National Archives, and Singapore Press Holdings’ library of photos. It
also has charts, graphs, maps and illustrations.

AUTHOR | Nick Aplin 

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