Thinking Allowed?

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Must politics in Singapore be taboo? Need political discussion engender fear? Is the Singapore system averse to change? Can it be remade? These are among the questions confronted in this book by one of Singapore's leading political commentators, a unique ringside perspective of the politics of this country quite different from any that has been told before.

Political observer Warren Fernandez draws from first-hand experience covering politics for the Straits Times for over a decade. He has witnessed the heat of the hustings, sat through countless parliamentary debates, trailed politicians on constituency walkabouts, travelled with and interviewed the country's top leaders... From the cost of living to censorship to Chinese education in schools, he tackles issues in his clear, no-nonsense style - just thinking aloud, but also always insisting that thinking should be allowed on the critical affairs of the day.

Drawn from the "Thinking Aloud" columns on Singapore politics and society that have appeared in The Straits Times since 1991, the book includes new essays that kick off the chapters and delve into the recurrent issues that Singapore has been grappling with for years, and is likely to do so for a long time to come.

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