Use Your Head

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When young Kayden is told by his busy mother to use his head and think of something to do, he picks up his pencil to do a join-the-dots page in his activity book, and ends up tumbling into a land where friendly flamingoes welcome him with,

“We are never too busy for tea. We have books laid out for three.”

Written in simple rhyming couplets that young children of age four and above will enjoy reading aloud on their own, this whimsical and charmingly-illustrated book follows Kayden and his flamingo friends up a mountain and down under the sea, and then he’s off in a hot-air balloon... until Mum is ready to play with him once more.

Use Your Head is also an interactive hybrid of an activity book and a picture book, where readers have to join the dots – just like Kayden! – on certain pages to complete the picture. At its heart, the story is about the power of the imagination being able to create worlds, and young readers are given the opportunity to experience that for themselves.

Author: Felix Cheong
Illustrator: Natassya Diana Siregar







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250mm X 250mm


36 pages

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February 2018