Guilty As Charged: 25 Crimes That Have Shaken Singapore Since 1965

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This book recounts 25 infamous crime cases that have taken

place in Singapore since 1965.

Some of the victims’ names are still remembered today.

Jenny Cheok, 22, killed by her apparently devoted boyfriend
Sunny Ang during a diving trip near the Sisters’ Islands.

Nine-year-old Agnes Ng and 10-year-old Ghazali Marzuki, killed
by self-styled medium Adrian Lim, his wife and his mistress.

Huang Na, nine, murdered at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale centre
by vegetable packer Took Leng How.

Awards and Nominations

  • Winner of the 2018 Popular Bookstores' Readers Choice Awards, Adult Book Category.
  • Finalist for Best Non-Fiction Title at the 2018 Singapore Book Awards.

EDITOR | Abdul Hafiz



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