My Colouring Book Is Ruined!

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My Colouring Book Is Ruined! is a story about seeing beyond the inabilities and
imagining the possibilities.

Written in rhyme and with lively, colourful illustrations, it is an attempt to give a
difficult topic — autism — an ordinary, picture-book treatment to help younger
readers understand:

  • What some people with autism may be like that makes them different, e.g. repetitive behaviour
  • How people with autism can be helped
  • The different things that people with autism can do if given the right training and support

Easy-to-read fact sheets about autism are provided at the back of the book.
There are also activity sheets for younger children in the form of colouring pages.

The main message of the book is one of hope and encouragement, and its aim is
to raise awareness of autism, especially among children.

 AUTHOR | Jill Lim 

ILLUSTRATOR | Chloe Chang 

Limp cover
Trim Size
250mm x 250mm
36 pages
Published Date (Month, Year)
February 2019
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